Nervous Friends // Pt. 2

by Sightsmelling

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WOW part 2 is finally here after a while, because I have made everyone wait so long I have decided to release this side for free!

Please check out part one over at

Bonus cover track if you download


released February 13, 2015




Sightsmelling England, UK

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Track Name: Room
im sitting, alone in my room always thinkin and dreamin of you

please please let me me hold yr hand for one last time, cause thts all i want

I'll block ur number so u can't call me and i'll block you on facebook so i can't see your crap
I'll stop following your twitter and i'll unfollow yr instagram so u have nothing to do with me

I've been stuck in my room, listening to cavetown hoping that our song comes on and
makes me wanna run down the street in the pouring rain and look for you
just like in your favourite love story
Track Name: Hate
I never believed in God, cause he never believed in me,
please, don't take me seriously.

If i had the strength, i would end it all,
but if i'm totally honest, i just don't have the balls.

Suicide on my mind, almost every day,
i just can't see myself, turning old and gray,

Dying should be natural, i don't think that's for me
i just don't want to be, here.